“Just good enough” is not in our DNA.


Permit us to distinguish The Koblentz Group, a truly professional leadership global advisory firm. Our Firm serves publicly traded clients, private equity controlled companies and emerging enterprise wherever and whenever recruiting leadership is required. We are engaged exclusively for, “top of the house” leadership positions. We recognize that recruiting a key executive is a very, “sensitive matter.”


Philosophically, we view judgment, insight, diligence and professional care as “the” critical element to achieve success for our clients. “Just good enough” is not in our DNA. We seek the “exceptional” for our clients, not just the “acceptable.” Our reputation for recruiting “game changers” is unparalleled. Our Partners are highly committed to creating value for our clients. The care and sensitivity toward each situation is highly emphasized and recognized by the organizations we serve. Partners in our Firm actually do the work and make the necessary evaluations, not junior staff. Ask any client about us and we are confident that they will say that we are available anytime to them.


Our success is based on The Koblentz Group’s “deep dive” strategic approach which is uncommon in search. We invest our resources to fully appreciate each client’s unique alignment between strategy, structure, and leadership. This permits us to make relevant judgment assessing the leadership competencies and culture fit for every candidate as if we are our client. To do less, we believe, creates unacceptable risk and would be a shortfall of our professional responsibilities.


Over the past several years, we have completes 100% of our engagements and as a result have been asked to continue working with just about every client, a testament to how clients view us and their satisfaction with the outcome of our work.