Our Partners, over the past three decades, have conducted successfully several hundred Board of Director recruitments for public companies and Advisory Board members for investor controlled concerns.


With extensive real world experience of being, “inside the boardroom”, and with access to leaders and governance experts worldwide, we are uniquely qualified and respected for bringing valuable insights, well honed judgment, and perspective to these critical, increasingly complex and highly “sensitive matters”.


Our success is a direct result of being active in the governance dialogue and working side by side with our clients, their CEOs, Chairpersons, their Directors and the Board’s Nominating and Governance Committee. We understand the evolving responsibilities, appreciate the challenges and dynamics that shape governance responsibilities, compliance and governance debates.


We endeavor to fully comprehend the unique strategic aspirations, compliance challenges, enterprise risks and governance challenges that each client is seeking to address. We invest to learn the inner workings of each client’s governance model and preferences, tailoring our approach accordingly.


As a starting point, though, we conduct a “deep dive mapping” of the entire current board and with it, the collective experiences of its Directors. We seek to understand the gap between governing the company’s current strategic position and the qualities required to govern its desired fut. This provides the necessary guidance and establishes a judgment baseline scorecard for us to partner effectively with our client’s Board Nominating Committee setting forth how candidates will be evaluated and presented to the full Board for nomination.ure path to value effectively. We seek to comprehend how a new Director will add to the value equation, taking into full account, board culture


Further, we understand and appreciate the import and value of a diversity, in every sense.


Simply, we are trusted as we successfully complete each Director recruitment to each client’s full satisfaction, without exception.