With collectively over 100 years of experience, our Partners have successfully advised on numerous business transformations and complex changes as well as critical “sensitive matters” that have a significant impact on every company’s viability.


The commonality of succeeding is centered on each of our clients’ individual abilities to continually and effectively guide, measure, and transform change. Sustainable value, in our experience, is only achieved by aligning thoughtful financial and business strategies with a robust operational structure, strong organization capabilities coupled with a willingness to win. This alignment depends on a commitment to execute with an awareness of, and the ability to adapt to, the unknown and unforeseen.


We recognize, in collaborating with our clients, that every company is unique as each seeks to “crack the disruption code may occur at different velocities. We approach each matter accordingly and with the understanding that governance and leadership will be the arbiters of driving change.


The Partners of The Koblentz Group have advised on driving key initiatives and provided oversight on a number of organizational advancements in support of M&A integrations, divestitures, organizational restructurings, and establishment of new initiatives. We have also offered recommendations on matters where the Board and Executive team have challenges that require an outside nonpolitical perspective.


These, among many others, have included:


  • Effectiveness evaluation of the corporate financial function for an NYSE traded company facing shareholder activists
  • Recommendations for a Board that was concerned about the CEO’s effectiveness with their company’s stakeholders and assist CEO in development areas
  • Succession reviews and implementation for several companies who were disrupted and transforming, thereby needing to change their scorecards and criteria for CEO succession and senior executive leadership roles
  • For several clients, we advised on the establishment of key transformational drivers and assisted in the implementation to ensure alignment with the necessary leadership talent and its effective deployment to assure success.


We live in challenging times, oftentimes shaped by asymmetrical events and black swans. Clearly, we appreciate the high stakes and the leadership required when our clients press forward into uncertainty.